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What features can be used during Remote Eye calls?

Depending on which side of the conversation you are on, different features can be used in Remote Eye. 

Expert’s call features

Red Dot

The Expert can click on the video to show the red dot on the Operator’s screen. The red dot has a duration of 3 seconds, the screen is frozen within this 3 seconds. By double clicking on the video, the red dot can be removed at any time.


By clicking on the flash button above the video screen, the Expert can turn on the flashlight of the Operator’s device.

Screen share

By clicking the screen share button the Expert can share his/her screen to the Operator’s screen. This is a useful tool if you want to display documents to the device, for example.

Screen capture

There are two different ways to capture the screen of the Operator’s device or smart glass. By clicking the screenshot button Remote Eye immediately takes a screenshot of the call. This mode is faster, but the image quality is sacrificed. When clicking the HD image button the Operator’s video transmission will stop for a few seconds and the camera takes a real high resolution picture and sends it to the Expert. In both cases the Expert is able to edit the picture afterwards.

Live drawing

When clicking on the live drawing button Remote Eye will make a screenshot and lets the Expert draw on it with several tools at their disposal. The Expert is able to highlight things, insert a text or draw on it in different colors. 


With the webcam tool, the Expert can share his devices front camera or webcam to the Operator’s device or smart glass.


With the zoom scroll bar, the Expert is able to zoom into the video up to 5 times. 

Video recording

By pressing the recording button the Expert can start recording the call. This feature is only available if the Expert chooses the routed call. After the call, the recorded video will be available in the Remote Eye Library inside the Call history section. 


The Expert is able to add comments during the call. These comments will later be shown in the call section of the Library.


During the call, the Expert is able to change the resolution of the video. This will affect the video transmission immediately. The expert is able to choose from 720p, 480p, and 240p. This feature is very useful to maintain a stable connection if the Wi-Fi connection is weak.


With the GPS tool, the Expert can find out where the Operator’s device or smart glass is located. By clicking on the GPS button, a pop-up window will appear which shows the location of the device.

Barcode and Electricity scanner

With this tool, the Expert is able to scan a QR code, a barcode or a meter reader. After scanning a pop-up window will appear with the value that was scanned. The information can then be stored and easily retrieved after the call.

Low data mode

By pressing the low data mode button Remote Eye automatically reduces the framerate of the video to ensure the quality of the video. The resolution will be adapted to the lowest possible resolution. 

Operator’s call features

Blue dot

The blue dot tool is only available on smartphones, tablets and Epson smart glasses. By clicking on the screen, the Operator can show the blue dot. The blue dot has a duration of 3 seconds, the screen is frozen within this 3 seconds. By double clicking on the video, the blue dot can be removed at any time.

Disable video recording

The Operator is able to enable or disable the video recording feature. After disabling the feature, the video recording icon will not appear on the application’s home screen.


By clicking on the mute button in the bottom left corner, the Operator can mute or unmute himself. The Operator can also unmute him/herself after he got muted by the Expert. If the Operator is muted, a red icon will appear in the top right corner of the device’s screen.

Multi call features

Red and green dots

In the case of several experts in one call, it is possible to display two different colored points. The red and green dots help to indicate where the Operator should focus on. The red dot can only be added by the main Expert, the green dot can be added by any of the invited Experts. The dots have a duration of 3 seconds, the screen is frozen within this 3 seconds. By double clicking on the video, the dots can be removed at any time.

Screen capture

The invited expert can also draw and add markers to the screen shot of the main expert and then send it forward to the operator.


All Experts can mute or unmute the Operator’s device or smart glass. However, it is not possible for any Expert to mute or unmute one of the other Experts.

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