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What accessories are available for the Moziware Cimo?

In this article you will learn about what accessories are available for the Mozware Cimo.

The following accessories are available for the Moziware Cimo:

Accessories to wear the Moziware Cimo:

Accessories for mounting to helmets:

Accessories for transportation:

Other Accessories:

Accessories to wear the Moziware Cimo

Cimo Adjustable workband

The Moziware Cimo Adjustable Workband enables you to mount the Moziware Cimo to a wide range of Hard Hats and Bump Caps. 

The Mount is simple to use and maximises the use cases and compatibility of the Moziware Cimo enabling hands free use. This makes it ideal for tasks in maintenance or manufacturing ensuring that you can work safely and effectively without any compromise in quality.

Cimo modular headband

The Moziware Cimo Modular Headband is used to mount the Moziware Cimo onto a Bump Cap or MSA V-Gard Hard Hat

This enables a hands-free AR experience improving usage in maintenance, repair and manufacturing use cases alongside use in hazardous workplace environments.

Moziware Cimo Bump Cap

The Moziware Cimo Bump Cap is designed to offer protection and comfort in work environments that necessitate headgear without the need for a full hard hat. It’s ideal for industries such as maintenance, warehouse operations, and light construction, where the risk of minor bumps and scrapes to the head exists. What sets the Bump Cap apart is its balance between functionality and style.

Cimo workband 2

The Cimo Workband 2 is a Mount designed to allow users to wear the Moziware Cimo Smart Glasses. This enables a hands-free AR experience which improves usage in maintenance, repair & manufacturing use cases.

The Cimo Workband 2 provides more stability to the Moziware Cimo than a hand-held module which improves the quality of video provided to remote support improving the quality of feedback.

Accessories for mounting to helmets

Cimo Hard Hat Clips for MSA Front Brim

The Moziware Cimo Hard Hat Accessory Clips for MSA Front Brim allows you to Mount your Moziware Cimo to a MSA Front Brim Hard Hat. This enables the Moziware Cimo to be used in hands free environments such as on maintenance projects or manufacturing lines allowing quality remote work, communication or use of the devices display while meeting safety standards.

Cimo Helmet mount

The Moziware Cimo Helmet Mount allows you to mount your Moziware Cimo AR Smartglass to a Hard Hat. Through mounting your Moziware Cimo Smart Glass you are able to use the device hands free, enabling the device to be used in maintenance or manufacturing situations without compromising the quality of safety or work.

Cimo Magnetic helmet mount

The Moziware Cimo Magnetic Helmet Mount allows you to Mount the Moziware Cimo AR Smartglass to your Hard Hat Magnetically. 

A magnetic mount allows for quick adjustment and removal of the mount. The Headset clip is detachable from the Magnetic Mount making it easy to attach the Moziware Cimo Module to Clip in the Moziware Cimo and attach it to the Mount. This provides the most simple process for mounting and attaching the Moziware Cimo to a Helmet.

Cimo MSA helmet clip

The Moziware Cimo Hard Hat Accessory Clip for MSA Front Brim allows you to Mount Accessories to a MSA Front Brim Hard Hat

This can be used to mount a wide range of accessories including the 4G dongle improving the internet connection on the Headset increase the quality of video streaming for remote support or a Battery Bank to improve battery life and avoid loose wires which may cause a safety hazard.

Cimo workband clip

The Moziware Cimo workband clip allows you to mount Moziware Accessories to the Cimo workband 2

A variety of accessories can be mounted using the Accessory Clip including a 4G dongle providing a stronger internet connection being constantly near the headset providing increased video quality for remote support or Battery Bank to increase battery life and avoid dangling wires of a battery stored elsewhere which can create a safety hazard.

Accessories for transportation

Cimo Multifunctional tool belt

The Moziware Multifunctional Tool Belt is a work belt designed to store accessories and the module for the Moziware Cimo.

These accessories or the module can be stored in 4 secure Velcro Pouches attached to the Belt preventing accessories or the module being dropped, damaged or lost.

Cimo Semi Rigid Carrying Case

The Cimo Semi Rigid Carrying Case is a Carrying Case designed for transport and storage offering protection for the Moziware Cimo AR Smart Glass.

The Case features a Semi-Rigid design providing increased protection to the Moziware Cimo compared to a soft case as it will maintain shape & structure during impact protecting the Headset.

Other accessories

Cimo cable pack

The Moziware Cimo Cable Pack enables the Moziware Cimo to be connected to a Computer, USB Charger, Battery Pack or any other USB 3.0 Enabled devices. This can be used to charge the device or provide data transfer enabling installation of APK’s, PDF’s or other data to increase the performance of the Moziware Cimo.

Moziware Cimo Rugged Battery Bank

The Moziware Cimo Rugged Battery Bank is a 5000 mAh battery bank enabling easy on the go charging of the Moziware Cimo Smart Glass alongside any other VR or AR Headset.

The Rugged Battery Bank can also be mounted to hard hat or head strap via the Moziware Cimo Accessory Clip or Hard Hat Accessory Clip for MSA Front Brim enabling easy storage and transportation inside industrial workplaces.

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