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How to put on and wear the Moziware Cimo?

In this article you will learn how to put on and wear the Moziware Cimo.

What is needed:

  • Moziware Cimo
  • Moziware workband (or a different accessory to wear the Moziware Cimo)

How to wear the Moziware Cimo

The Moziware Cimo can be worn on the left or right side of your head. It is recommended to wear the Moziware Cimo on the side with your dominant eye.

How to determine your dominant eye

  1. Locate a distant object you can focus on. It could be a picture on the wall or any distinct object in the distance.
  2. Extend both of your arms fully in front of you and make a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers.
  3.  Keep both of your eyes open, and with both hands extended, align the triangle with the distant object you are focusing on. Ensure that the object is framed in the middle of the triangle.
  4. Now, close your left eye while keeping your right eye open, still maintaining the triangle’s alignment with the distant object.
  5. Observe what happens to the object inside the frame of the triangle. Does it remain in the same position, or does it move out of the triangle?
  6. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Again observe if the object moves out of the triangle.
  7. The eye with which you still see the object in the center of the triangle is your dominant eye.

You now know what your dominant eye is.

How to put on the Moziware Cimo

  1. Attach the Moziware Cimo to the Moziware workband (or a different accessory to wear the Moziware Cimo). Keep in mind to install the headset on the side of your dominant eye.
  2. Place the workband / accessory on your head. Make sure the headset is aligned horizontally and is located over your ear in the area of your temples.
  3. Move the Boom Arm to the front and unfold the display module.
  4. Reposition the display by moving the boom arm and the ball-joint of the display module, ensuring that it is located in front of your dominant eye and slightly below it. This will result in the display being positioned approximately at the center of your face.
  5. You found the right position if you can see all four corners of the display.

The Moziware Cimo is now in the correct position.

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