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How to clean the Varjo Aero?

In this article, you will learn about the best ways to clean or ensure hygiene using the Varjo Aero headset and the controllers. There are 3 different methods recommended by VR Expert to clean or ensure a more hygienic experience with the Varjo Aero.

Method 1. Hygiene Masks

What is needed:

  • Varjo Aero
  • Hygiene Masks
  • Varjo Aero controllers

Hygiene masks are disposable cotton masks that can be worn on the face before putting on the Varjo Aero. This creates a protective layer between the headset and the face. The masks are easy to use and are universally applicable with all types of VR headsets. The disadvantage is that an extra step is needed before putting on a VR headset.


  • Cheap
  • Useful for large groups of people
  • Extra level of hygiene


  • Does not stop sweat
  • Does not kill bacteria only adds an extra layer between the headset and the user

Method 2. Disinfectant Wipes

What is needed:

  • Varjo Aero
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Varjo Aero controllers

Important! Alcohol wipes can not be used on the lenses of the Varjo Aero. The second method to clean the Varjo Aero is through the use of disinfectant wipes. Disinfectant wipes are disposable wipes that are used to wipe down the majority of the VR headset. Take care when cleaning the headset that you do not use abrasive wipes on the lenses of the headset, rather use a standard glasses cleaner to avoid irreparable damage.  The benefits of the disinfectant wipes are that they provide a good solution for the majority of the Varjo Aero especially thanks to its PU leather face pad. They are also easy to use and can allow the headset to be cleaned quickly between uses. The disadvantages of disinfectant wipes is that they do not remove all the dirt and bacteria found on the headset. This is highly dependent on how thoroughly it is cleaned and the quality of the wipes. Another disadvantage is the possibility of damaging the headset lenses if a strong alcohol wipe is used on it.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick solution


  • Can damage headset
  • Not 100% effective
  • Effectiveness dependant on type of wipe

Method 3. UVC Light with the Uvisan UV-C Disinfection Cabinets

 What is needed:

  • Varjo Aero
  • Uvisan VR12 / VR20 / VR30
  • Varjo Aero controllers

The Uvisan is the most effective disinfectant method for the Varjo Aero. Uvisan is a disinfection cabinet that helps you to quickly and safely disinfect your equipment by using UVC light. Uvisan cabinets have been proven to kill 99.9% of all pathogens including virus and bacterias within a short period of time. The Uvisan has a number of other advantages, the cabinets are able to store and clean a number of Varjo Aero’s at the same time, useful for events and training sessions with multiple devices. The Uvisan’s also come with a locking system meaning the Varjo Aero’s can be stored in the cabinets overnight without issue.

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