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Pico Unreal Integration SDK release notes

Version 2.1.2 – released on 2022-11-07


To use this version of SDK, make sure that:

  • For PICO Neo3, the device’s PUI version is 4.9.0 or later.
  • For PICO 4, the device’s PUI version is 5.1.0 or later.
Added &UpdatedDescription
XR CapabilitiesAdded animation effects to controller models.
Platform ServicesAdded Cloud Storage service which supports automatic backup of app data.Added Challenges service. You and your app’s users can create challenges for existing leaderboards.Updated Interaction service:Supported calling up the invitation pane from the system-level Friends app.Supported sharing picture albums or videos to Douyin which is a video app in Mainland China. This feature is supported in Mainland China only.Added the PC-End Debugging Tool. You can use it to debug some platform services in the Unity Editor.
System CapabilitiesAdded the following APIs:SetControllerPairTime(): Sets the duration after which the controllers enter the pairing mode.GetControllerPairTime(): Gets the duration after which the controllers enter the pairing mode.

Known issue:

When dynamically switching Layer Texture, display issues such as screen corruption and screen flickering may occur. This issue will be fixed in later versions.

Version 2.0.7 – released on 2022-09-09

Release on: 2022-09-09

Platform ServicesAdded the following modules:
Interaction: Enables users to invite friends and view friends’ locations in apps. Leaderboard: Enables you to create leaderboards in apps. In-app purchase: Enable you to create products for users to purchase in apps. Achievements: Enables you to create achievements in apps.
Developer toolsSupport RenderDoc.
System APIsTimingStartup: Schedules automatic startup for the device. TimingShutdown: Schedules automatic shutdown for the device. StartVrSettingsItem: Displays a specified settings screen.
VR compositor layerThe VR compositor layer feature have been improved with the addition of the Cylinder layer, Cubemap layer and Equirect layer to the Quad layer support, and you can now modify the shape of the compositor layers.A demo is provided to help you better understand and use these new features.

Version 2.0.5 – released on 2022-04-30

Platform ServicesIntegrated the SDK with Platform Services, which provide the following feature modules:Identity & Friend: Provides authorized login with the PICO account and get the friend list of the currently logged-in player.RTC: Enables real-time voice chat, allowing players in the same room to communicate with each other.Multiplayer: Provides player-to-player networking, matchmaking, room management, and in-room messaging.
System APIAdded the following TobService APIs:PXR Get Device Temperatures: Gets the temperature (℃) of the current device.PXR Capture: Captures the current screen.PXR Record: Records the screen.PXR Control Set Auto Connect WIFIWith Error Code: Connects the device to a specified WIFI.PXR App Keep Alive: Keeps an app active, i.e. raising the priority of the app, thereby in general situations, the system will not force the app to quit.
Developer toolOptimized the Preview Tool, and solved issues such as, unavailability, lagging, and distortion, in specific scenarios.
Mixed Reality Capture (MRC)Solved the known issues.

Vulkan Rendering

Fixed an issue with the engine flags being passed incorrectly when calling the VulkanRHI interface of UE to create a texture.
SDK featuresRemoved the “Payments” and “Achievements” modules
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Pico Unity Integraton SDK release notes


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