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Microsoft HoloLens 2 release notes

Windows Holographic, version 22H2 – December 2022 Update

  • Build 20348.1531

Improvements and fixes in the update:

  • Fixed an issue where a MDM managed profile gets deleted unexpectedly if both the deletion and the addition of a VPN profile were in the same session.

Windows Holographic, version 22H2

  • Build 20348.1528

This update brings a great set of new features to HoloLens 2 users and IT professionals. Check out all the new great features for HoloLens 2!

FeatureDescriptionUser or Scenario
New policies to speed up adding usersNew policies we’ve enabled that allow IT Admins to skip several screens in OOBE when adding new users to devices.IT Admin
New policy to disable NCSI passive pollingTurn off auto-reconnect to Wi-Fi access points to stay connected to intranet.IT Admin
Captive portal on sign-in screen, enter Wi-Fi credentials to help sign-inNew policy that IT Admins can enable that allows the use of captive portals on the sign-in screen to help connecting to Wi-Fi.IT Admin
Clean up storage via MDMClean up files via MDM, using storage sense to clean up older unused files.IT Admin
Security BaselineTwo sets of security restrictions you can use to add more control to your devices.IT Admin
Configure NTP client for W32 Time serviceUsed to set your own time server for your devices, to help keep them compliant.IT Admin
Fixes improvementsFixes and improvements for HoloLens.All

IT Admin Checklist

✔️ If you’d like to speed up new user sign-ons check out the new new policies to speed up adding users.
✔️ If you need to keep your devices from auto-connecting to Wi-Fi access points then learn how to disable Wi-Fi auto recovery.
✔️ Trying to remotely troubleshoot a device, but don’t have enough room to gather logs? Try to clean up some storage space using MDM.
✔️ If you need to have more security, are planning on vending out your devices, or need to check a box for a security review, check out the security baseline.
✔️ If you use your own time server, and would like your HoloLens devices to use it as well check out how to set your own.

List of new or newly enabled policies:

  • MixedReality/AllowCaptivePortalBeforeLogon
  • MixedReality/ConfigureNtpClient
  • MixedReality/DisallowNetworkConnectivityPassivePolling
  • MixedReality/NtpClientEnabled
  • MixedReality/SkipCalibrationDuringSetup
  • MixedReality/SkipTrainingDuringSetup
  • Storage/AllowStorageSenseGlobal
  • Storage/AllowStorageSenseTemporaryFilesCleanup
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseCloudContentDehydrationThreshold
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseDownloadsCleanupThreshold
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseGlobalCadence

Policies to speed up adding users

As you scale deployment of your HoloLens devices across your enterprise, you can set up new users more quickly through these new policies that allow you to skip steps in your Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE). There are two new areas you’ll be able to by-pass. When combined these screens allow for someone adding a new Azure AD user to a device to be up and running faster than before. These new policies enable you to apply even more fine tuning across your device inventory.

The new policies and screens they skip are:

PolicyWhat’s skippedScreenshot
Skip CalibrationThe calibration run during OOBE, which can later be run via the Settings app, or when an app that uses eye tracking prompts the user to calibrate.
Using: SkipCalibrationDuringSetup
Adjust for your eyes
Skip TrainingHow to open and close the Start menu, which can later be learned via the Tips app.
Using: SkipTrainingDuringSetup
Learn how to use the start gesture, image 2

The OMA-URI (Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier) of new policies:

  • ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/SkipCalibrationDuringSetup
  • ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/SkipTrainingDuringSetup
  • Int value
    • 0 : Keep the experience (default)
    • 1 : Skip

For more info on how to increase your setup speed for new users, check out our guide on how to quickly set up new users.

Find this information later at Policy CSP – MixedReality.

New policy to disable NCSI passive polling

Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator may get false positive Internet capable signal from passive polling. Which may result in unexpected Wi-Fi adapter reset when device connects to an intranet only access point. Enabling this policy would avoid unexpected network interruptions caused by false positive NCSI passive polling.

The OMA-URI of new policies: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/DisallowNetworkConnectivityPassivePolling

  • Bool value

Find this information later at Policy CSP – MixedReality.

Captive portal on sign-in screen, enter Wi-Fi credentials to help sign-in

Sometimes Wi-Fi connections require additional information to provide credentials to the access point. Previously users were only able to do this the first time the device was set up in OOBE, or in the Settings app once signed in. Previously, users couldn’t adjust this configuration on the sign-in screen, which was sometimes tricky to work around.

This new feature is an opt-in policy that IT Admins can enable to help with the setup of new devices in new areas or new users. When this policy is turned on it allows a captive portal on the sign-in screen, which allows a user to enter credentials to connect to the Wi-Fi access point. If enabled, sign in will implement similar logic as OOBE to display captive portal if necessary.


The OMA-URI of new policy: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/AllowCaptivePortalBeforeLogon

Int value

  • 0: Default – Off
  • 1: On

Find this information later at Policy CSP – MixedReality.

Clean up storage via MDM

Storage Sense is available on HoloLens 2 today to manage cleanup of old files. IT admins can now also configure behavior of Storage Sense on HoloLens 2 with following MDM policies:

  • Storage/AllowStorageSenseGlobal
    • Sets Storage sense to be enabled on the device and will run whenever reaching low storage.
  • Storage/AllowStorageSenseTemporaryFilesCleanup
    • When Storage Sense runs, it can delete the user’s temporary files that aren’t in use.
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseCloudContentDehydrationThreshold
    • When Storage Sense runs, it can dehydrate cloud-backed content that hasn’t been opened in a certain number of days. If you enable this policy setting, you must provide the minimum number of days a cloud-backed file can remain unopened before Storage Sense dehydrates it. Supported values are: 0–365.
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseDownloadsCleanupThreshold
    • When Storage Sense runs, it can delete files in the user’s Downloads folder if they haven’t been opened for more than a certain number of days. If you enable this policy setting, you must provide the minimum number of days a file can remain unopened before Storage Sense deletes it from the Downloads folder. Supported values are: 0-365.
  • Storage/ConfigStorageSenseGlobalCadence
    • Storage Sense can automatically clean some of the user’s files to free up disk space. The following are supported options:
      • 1 – Daily
      • 7 – Weekly
      • 30 – Monthly
      • 0 – During low free disk space (Default)

Find this information later at Policy CSP – MixedReality.

Security baseline

In some cases you may want to place some stronger restrictions on your devices. Whatever your need for security, we’ve written out two security baselines that you can use to add an extra layer of security to your device fleet.

Select this link to read the security baselines.

Configure NTP client for W32 Time service

You may want to configure a different time server for your device fleet. With this update, IT admins can now configure certain aspects of NTP client with following policies. In the Settings app, the Time/Language page will show the time server after a time sync has occurred. E.g. or another if another value is configured via MDM policy.


Reboot is required for these policies to take effect.


This policy setting specifies whether the Windows NTP Client is enabled.

  • OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/NtpClientEnabled
  • Data Type: String
  • Value <enabled/>


This policy setting specifies a set of parameters for controlling the Windows NTP Client. Refer to Policy CSP – ADMX_W32Time – Windows Client Management for supported configuration parameters.


Please replaces the values in the example below with the desired values for your time server. Refer to this link for more details.

  • OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/MixedReality/ConfigureNtpClient
  • Data Type: String
  • Value:
<enabled/><data id="W32TIME_NtpServer"
value=",0x9"/><data id="W32TIME_Type"
value="NTP"/><data id="W32TIME_CrossSiteSyncFlags"
value="2"/><data id="W32TIME_ResolvePeerBackoffMinutes"
value="15"/><data id="W32TIME_ResolvePeerBackoffMaxTimes"
value="7"/><data id="W32TIME_SpecialPollInterval"
value="1024"/><data id="W32TIME_NtpClientEventLogFlags"

Fixes improvements in Windows Holographic, version 22H2 – November 2022 Update

  • Fixed an issue where remote log collection was not reliably getting collected when device is in connected-standby and connected to AC power source after 8 hours of enrollment.

Windows Holographic, version 22H1 – October 2022 Update

  • Build 20348.1522

This month’s build only contains windows security fixes. Be look forward to our upcoming release and check out our insider build.

Windows Holographic, version 22H1 – September 2022 Update

  • Build 20348.1518

Improvements and fixes in the update:

  • In-box OpenXR code updated. This is to provide best out-of-box experience for customers without Microsoft store access.
  • Medical partners can access 90fps eye tracking via Extended ET API.
  • Fixed an issue in AssignedAccessSettings where it was not providing correct result when kiosk mode was enabled for signed in user on HoloLens 2.

Windows Holographic, version 22H1 – August 2022 Update

  • Build 20348.1513

Improvements and fixes in the update:

  • Remove “Developer” from “OpenXR Tools” app’s title and settings tab.
  • Stability improvements with app suspend/resume and device sleep mode.
  • Improve performance of hand tracking.
  • Update XR_MSFT_spatial_graph_bridge function and structure names.
  • No need to request permission to use Extended ET API.
  • Extended ET API now supports 30fps, 60fps and 90fps.
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