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Pico Unity Integraton SDK release notes

Version 2.1.2 – released on 2022-11-07


To use this version of SDK, make sure that:

  • For PICO Neo3, the device’s PUI version is 4.9.0 or later.
  • For PICO 4, the device’s PUI version is 5.1.0 or later.


Platform ServicesAdded the Cloud Storage service which supports automatic backup of app data.Added the Challenges service. You and your app’s users can create challenges for existing leaderboards.Added the PC-End Debugging Tool. You can use it to debug some platform services in the Unity Editor.
System CapabilitiesAdded the following APIs:SetControllerPairTime(): Sets the duration after which the controllers enter the pairing mode.GetControllerPairTime(): Gets the duration after which the controllers enter the pairing mode.


XR CapabilitiesUpdated VR compositor layers: support setting textures for equirect layers.Updated mixed reality capture (MRC): support enabling and setting up MRC on the PXR_Manager pane.
Platform ServicesUpdated the Interaction service:Supported calling up the invitation pane from the system-level Friends app.Supported sharing picture albums or videos to Douyin which is a video app in Mainland China. This feature is supported in Mainland China only.

Known issue

With Vulkan enbaled, there could be an increase in RAM usage when running the RT20 Demo. This issue will be fixed in later versions.

Version 2.1.1 – released on 2022-09-27


Device SupportAdded the support for PICO 4 series VR headset.
SDK FeatureAdded the feature of hand tracking, enabling users’ hand poses as the input for PICO VR headsetsAdded the feature of broadband haptic vibration, allowing the device to mimic most of the vibrations that users can experience in the real world, including event vibrations and audio vibrations.Added DLC service. You can add expansion packs to your apps.
SystemAdded the following system-related APIs:InstallOTAPackage(): Upgrades the OTA.GetAutoConnectWiFiConfig(): Gets the configuration of the Wi-Fi network that the device automatically connects to.GetTimingStartupStatus(): Gets the scheduled auto startup settings for the device.GetTimingShutdownStatus(): Gets the scheduled auto shutdown settings for the device.GetControllerKeyState(): Gets the status of a specified controller key.GetPowerOffWithUSBCable(): Gets the status of the switch for setting whether to power off the USB cable when the device is shut down.GetScreenOffDelay(): Gets the screen timeout setting for the device.GetSleepDelay(): Gets the sleep timeout settings for the device.GetPowerKeyStatus(): Gets the Power key’s settings.GetEnterKeyStatus(): Get the Enter key’s status.GetVolumeKeyStatus(): Get the Volume key’s status.GetBackKeyStatus(): Get the Back key’s status.GetHomKeyStatus(): Gets the event setting for the Home key.GetSwitchSystemFunctionStatus(): Gets the status of a specified system function switch.GetUsbConfigurationOption(): Gets the configured USB mode.GetCurrentLauncher(): Gets the current launcher.SwitchVolumeToHomeAndEnter(): Changes the Volume key’s function to that of the Home and Enter key’s, or restores the volume adjustment function to the Volume key.IsVolumeChangeToHomeAndEnter(): Gets whether the Volume key’s function has been changed to that of the Home and Enter key’s.Added the following screencast-related APIs:PICOCastInit(): Initializes the screencast service.PICOCastSetShowAuthorization(): Sets whether to show the screencast authorization window.PICOCastGetShowAuthorization(): Gets the setting of whether to show the screencast authorization window.PICOCastGetUrl(): Gets the URL for screencast.PICOCastStopCast(): Stops screencast.PICOCastSetOption(): Sets screencast-related properties.PICOCastGetOptionOrStatus(): Gets the screencast-related property setting for the current device.Added the SFS_INVERSE_DISPERSION enumeration to the systemFunction parameter in the SwitchSystemFunction API and the GetSwitchSystemFunctionStatus.


UIChanged “Pico” to “PICO”.

Version 2.0.7 – released on 2022-09-09


Platform ServicesAdded the following platform services:Interaction: Enables users to invite friends and view friends’ locations in apps.Leaderboard: Enables you to create leaderboards in apps.In-app purchase: Enable you to create products for users to purchase in apps.Achievements: Enables you to create achievements in apps.
Developer ToolAdded the support for RenderDoc.
SyetemAdded the following system-related APIs:TimingStartup: Schedules automatic startup for the device.TimingShutdown: Schedules automatic shutdown for the device.StartVrSettingsItem: Displays a specified settings screen.


SDK FeatureBelow are the updates on VR compositor layers:Added the support for Cubemap layersAdded the support for Equirect layersExternal Surface View has supported 3D video content

Version 2.0.5 – released on 2022-05-30


Platform ServicesAdded the following platform services:Accounts & Friends: Allows you to access the information of a specified account, get the friend list of the currently logged-in user, enable users to send friend requests, and more.RTC: Allows users to have real-time chat in your app.Multiplayer: Allows you to manage gaming rooms and provides matchmaking service in your app.
SystemAdded the following system-related APIs:GetDeviceTemperatures(): Gets device temperature in Celsius.Capture(): Captures the current screen.Record(): Records the screen.ControlSetAutoConnectWIFIWithErrorCodeCallback(): Connects the device to a specified Wi-Fi.AppKeepAlive(): Keeps an app active.Added the callback event for long pressing the Home button. This API is used with delegated calls. Below are the request methods:PXR_Plugin.System.RecenterSuccess +=: Add the callback event for long pressing the Home button, the method is defined by yourself.PXR_Plugin.System.RecenterSuccess -=: Delete the callback event for long pressing the Home button, the method is defined by yourself.
RenderingAdded DRM protection which supports the control of video stream rendering.


Developer ToolOptimized the Preview Tool by fixing issues like tool unavailability, lag, and abnormal distortion which occur in certain cases.


SDK FeatureDeleted the “Payment” and “Achievements” features, which will be provided in platform services in future versions.
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