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Magic Leap Quick Start Guide

In the box

  • Magic Leap Headset
  • Magic Leap Lightpack
  • Controller
  • Charging Cable
  • UK-EU adapter
  • Fit Kit Components (consists of different size nose and forehead pads)

Before you start

  • That little box near the right eyepiece is the antenna for your “Six degrees of freedom” (6DoF) Control. Be gentle with it.
  • Keep Lightpack vents clear so your device can breathe, These are located just below the Power Button.
  • The Fit Kit components never require physical force to adjust.
  • Don’t drop your device. Secure the Lightpack in a pocket, your hand, on a desk, or with a sling

Room tips

Recommended Conditions

  • Ample light (50 lux) evenly distributed – Think a living room lit in the evening
  • Walls and floors with objects on them rather than broad empty surfaces
  • A chair to sit in while developing – But protect the Lightwear cable from snagging chair arms or furniture

Challenging Conditions

  • Transparent or reflective surfaces, solid white or black walls,
  • Crowded areas with moving people, pets, or objects
  • Shiny furniture, walls and floors
  • Bright overhead lighting can cause tiny rainbows in the optical display
  • Large open spaces with features more than 5 meters from the device
  • Direct sunlight or dimly lit areas
  • Rooms with glass walls (Tip: Place sticky notes on walls for reference points.)

Setting up an Account

You’ll need a Magic Leap ID. Magic Leap 1 requires a Magic Leap ID to connect your device with services like the app store and Magic Leap World. Before turning on Magic Leap 1, complete these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Type your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth.

Magic Leap will send a code to your email account. Open that account and enter the code on the Magic Leap web page.

  • Complete your account, including Country to see regional apps in Magic Leap World, and you’re ready to go!

Getting Started

Follow these steps to power up and shut down Magic Leap 1:

  • Power Up: Once you’ve connected the Lightwear, hold down the button on the Lightpack for a 3-count. Next hold down the button on the Control for a 3-count while holding it close to the lightpack.
  • Power Down: To turn off Magic Leap 1 from the Launcher, select the battery icon and then select the power off icon. Control shuts down automatically. To manually turn off Magic Leap 1, hold down the Lightpack power button for 8 seconds, then hold down the Control trigger and home button for 3 seconds.

When you start the Magic Leap 1, you get an introduction to the main features and can make sure that the device is properly seated, connect to the WLAN and log in to your account.

VR Expert Tips

  • View Launcher: Hold down the Home buton to return to Launcher, the home screen for Magic Leap 1. From here you can launch apps and manage Magic Leap 1 apps and settings.
  • Launch Apps: Highlight an app from the Launcher using the Control pointer or swiping on the touchpad, and press the trigger to select it. For Landscape apps, you can then position the app in your space using the touchpad.

To check for available updates, turn on your Magic Leap 1 device and make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Go to Setting > Device
  2. Scroll down with the touchpad through your device information.
  3. If an update is available, an Update Now button will be visible.

Close Apps

Magic Leap 1 has two app types. While developers can define different ways to exit or close, the standard way to close depends on the app type:

  • Installing Apps: To install applications navigate to the app store, you can easily navigate there through the home screen; press the home button to open the scroll wheel.
  • Landscape: Landscape apps like Gallery and Screens can share space with other Landscape apps. To close a Landscape app, look at the application or point at it using the Control pointer, hold down the Control bumper to view options, and then select Close. Double-tap the bumper to quick-close the selected app.
  • Immersive: Immersive apps like Create or Dr. Gordbort’s Invaders use your entire space. To close an Immersive app, hold down the Home button on the Control to pause the experience and open Launcher. In Launcher with the app selected, press the touchpad “down” (towards you) to open options and select X to close the app.
  • Delete Apps: From the Launcher with the app selected, press the touchpad “down” (towards you) to open options and select the Trashcan icon to delete the app.
  • Capture Image or Video: Want to share what you’re seeing? Hold down the Home button and tap the bumper to take a photo. To start recording video, while holding down Home hold down the bumper for a long tap – 300 milliseconds, to be precise.

Enabling Developer Mode

Enable Developer Mode on the Magic Leap device to let you connect to the device from a computer and install apps. On the Magic Leap device, click the Setting icon, select Developer, and then select the following:

  1. Developer Mode – Make Developer Mode options available
  2. Allow Untrusted Sources – Install apps signed with a development certificate
  3. Enable MLDB Access – Let your device to connect to a computer with Magic Leap Device Bridge
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