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How to manually preload content for VR Sync?

With VR Sync you can easily upload content via the cloud for easy distribution. However, in some cases it is necessary to preload content via the device’s storage. In this article you will learn how to manually preload content to your device.

What is needed:

  • Device you want to preload the content to
  • USB cable
  • Computer

How to manually preload content:

  1. On your computer, create a folder and call it VRSync
  2. Now add your content to this folder:
    1. Videos: Supported MP4 files named 1_videoname.mp4, 2_anothervideo.mp4 etc. The numbers and the underscore in the video’s name indicate to VR Sync which video command to play. For stereo packing, include _tb (top-bottom) or _lr (left-right) to the end of the video. Example: 4_performance_tb.mp4. For equiangular videos, include _eac or _eacstereo to the end of the video. For 2D videos, include _2d to the end of the video.
    2. Spatial audio: 1_videoname.tbe, 2_anothervideo.tbe etc. Make sure the spatial audio file has the exact same name as the video it belongs to.
    3. Images: JPG or PNG files named 4_panorama.jpg, 5_nature.jpg etc.The numbers and the underscore in the image’s name indicate to VR Sync which image to play. Make sure these numbers do not overlap with the videos
    4. Background: background.png. This is the background image for the waiting room
    5. Logo: logo.png. This is the logo image for the waiting room.
  3. Now connect your device to your computer, using a USB cable.
  4. Paste the VRSync folder to your device’s storage.
  5. After preloading your content, you are able to open the VR Sync application and web remote as usual. Your preloaded content will show up in your web application as “Local video 1”, “Local video 2” etc.
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