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What permissions do admins in Quest for Business have?

Each organization in Quest for Business has at least one admin (administrator) to manage the team. This admin is authorized to change the role of normal accounts to admins of the organization. 

When providing admin access, you have the option to assign two types of admin roles.

System admin

As a system admin, you possess comprehensive authority, including viewing second admin approval security alerts, device-related and account-related security logs, and accessing security event alerts. Additionally, you have the capability to manage a wide range of tasks such as adding/removing email domains, changing company settings, configuring integrations, creating/managing groups, connecting identity providers, overseeing integrations, managing profile fields, and handling organization settings. Furthermore, you can assign admin roles, view/manage the organization’s directory, and access detailed insights, exports, and configurations across various aspects of the Admin Center.

Quest device amin

A Quest device admin has the ability to only manage the quest devices inside your organization. It is possible to view security alerts and logs, add/manage apps, certificates, device profiles, groups, and networks, while also creating and managing security rules. Additionally, you can enroll and oversee devices, access the device management section, contact Meta for Work support, and view/export comprehensive insights for all devices.

View this article to learn about how to define an account as admin.

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