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Getting Started with the Magic Leap 2

In this article we will show you how to get started with the Magic Leap 2.

In the box

  • Magic Leap 2 Headset & Compute Pack
  • Magic Leap 2 Controller
  • Case
  • 2x USB-C Chargers
  • 2x USB-C Cables
  • 2x Power plug cables
  • Fit Kit (Nose Pad, Forehead Pad)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Over Head Strap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Wrist Strap

Before you start

  • Handle the headset carefully and gently, as several parts are very fragile.
  • Make sure the vents of the Compute Pack are not covered at any time.

How to wear the Magic Leap 2?

How to put on the Magic Leap 2 Headset

  1. The size of the headset can be adjusted individually. To do so, pull the back part of the headset apart in the middle and extend it.
  2. Put on the headset.
  3. Make sure that the cable of the headset is not tangled up in the headset and is pointing down from the side.
  4. When the headset sits on your face, press the two sides together at the back so that the headset is tight but not uncomfortably tight.
  5. For additional support the Overhead Strap which is provided in the product box, can be attached to the top of the headset.
  6. To do so, take off the headset again and thread both ends of the strap, with the velcro side facing upwards, though the spaces at the side of the headset.
  7. Put the headset back on and adjust the size of the Overhead Strap using the velcro strap on both sides of the headset.

You now know how to put on the Magic Leap 2 Headset.

How to wear the Compute Pack

  1. The Compute Pack is connected to the headset through a cable. If you use the Magic Leap 2 you need to secure the Compute Pack on your body so you can move around with the headset.
  2. You can slide the outside fabric of a pocket into the gap of the Compute Pack which is located on the side of it.
  3. Make sure that the top part of the Compute Pack is located on the outside of the pocket, so the vents of the device are not covered.

You now know how to wear the Compute Pack of the Magic Leap 2

How to wear the Compute Pack using the Shoulder Strap

  1. Instead of wearing the Compute Pack inside of a pocket you can also use the Shoulder Strap that is provided in the product box.
  2. Take the Shoulder Strap and attach each end to the Compute Pack using the clips of the Shoulder Strap. 
  3. Wear the Shoulder Strap on one shoulder and across your body, so the Compute Pack sits near your hip. 
  4. Make sure the vents of the Compute Pack are not blocked at any time.

You now know how to wear the Compute Pack using the Shoulder Strap.

How to Navigate the Magic Leap 2

To navigate the Magic Leap 2 you need the Magic Leap 2 controller. On that controller you will find a touchpad and buttons.

Powering On/Off the headset: To turn the headset and Compute Pack on and off you need to press the round power button located on top of the Compute Pack.

Powering On/Off the controller: To turn the controller on press the Home button once. To turn it off press and hold the Home button for 4 seconds.

Scroll/Slide: To scroll and slide you need to use the round touchpad located on the top of the controller. To scroll down, swipe from the top of the touchpad down and to scroll up swipe in the opposite direction. To slide right swipe from the left to the right of the touchpad and to swipe left swipe to the opposite direction.

Selecting a button or icon: To select a button or an icon you need to point the controller towards the desired button or icon. Starting from the controller, a straight long line is projected with which you can select the desired icon. If the line is touching the icon or button that you want to select, press the trigger with your index finger.

Accessing the Menu: If you press the Home button located on the controller displaying a house, you will go back to the main menu.   

Recenter: If you want to recenter your main menu, press the Home button once.

Capture screenshot: To capture a screenshot, press the Home button and tap the Bumper.

Record a video: To start recording a video, press the Home button and hold the Bumper for 1,5 seconds. To stop, press the home button and hold the Bumper for 1,5 seconds again.

Adjusting Volume: The volume button is located on the side of the Compute Pack. Use the “+” and “-” keys to adjust the volume to your desired level. A guide on how to adjust the Volume using the controller can be found here.

By following these steps, you should be able to navigate the Magic Leap 2.

How to connect the Magic Leap 2 to Wi-Fi

  1. Go to the main menu by pressing the “Home” Button which is located at the bottom of the controller displaying a house.
  2. The main menu displays square icons aligned vertically on the left side.
  3. Select the “Wi-Fi” icon which is located in the middle of those square icons. It is placed in the 7th position from the top.
  4. A window with the Wi-Fi settings will appear displaying all the Wi-Fi networks that the headset is currently receiving.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi you want to connect the headset with.
  6. Click on the field underneath the word password. At the bottom of your view a keyboard will appear.  
  7. Enter the password by clicking on the keys of the displayed keyboard using the controller.
  8. Click on the purple “enter” key.

Your headset is now connected to the selected Wi-Fi.

How to install an applications on the Magic Leap 2

  1. The process of installing an application on the Magic Leap 2 is performed through the Magic Leap Hub on your computer.
  2. Download the Magic Leap Hub to your computer.
  3. Launch the Magic Leap Hub on your computer.
  4. Connect the Magic Leap Compute Pack with the computer using a USB-C cable.
  5. On your computer in the main menu of the Magic Leap Hub, you will see up to 6 rectangular fields. In the “Device Bridge” field click on the white “Start Device Bridge” button.
  6. The Device Bridge will start. 
  7. At the top of the Device Bridge you need to select the “Apps” tab.
  8. There you will see all the Apps that are currently on your computer. 
  9. Click on the white “Install Apps” button at the top left corner.
  10. The explorer of your computer will be opened. 
  11. Select the application file you want to upload on your headset and click on the “open” button in the bottom right corner. 
  12. The installation of the application will start.

The application is now installed on the Magic Leap 2 and will be found with all the other applications in the main menu.

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