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Getting Started with the Lynx R1

In this article we will show you how to get started with the Lynx R1.

In the Box:

  • Lynx R1 Headset 
  • Overhead Strap
  • Back and Forehead foams (already attached) 
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • VR foam Interface

Before you start

Handle the headset carefully and gently, as several parts are very fragile.

How to wear the Lynx R1

  1. Widen the headband by turning the wheel at the back.
  2. Now put on the headset and adjust the headband by turning the wheel at the back.
  3. Make sure the front part of the headset is flipped down so the displays are aligned with your eyes 
  4. Adjust the IPD by gently pushing the lenses together or apart so you see the display sharp.
  5. Optionally you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the lenses by pushing the front translation push button at the top of the headset and adjusting the distance by pushing or pulling the front part of the headset.
  6. The headstrap can be optionally added for additional support and weight distribution. It comes with a velcro attachment on both sides which need to be attached at the front and the back of the headset. View the guide on how to attach the headstrap for a more detailed description.

You now know how to wear the Lynx R1.

How to adjust the IPD of the Lynx R1?

The Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) is the measurement between the centers of the pupils in both eyes. Within the specifications of the Lynx R1, this distance spans from 56 to 76 mm.

The distance between the Lenses can be adjusted manually.

  1. Locate the lenses on the Lynx R1 headset. You’ll need to grip these lenses to adjust the IPD.
  2. With both thumbs and index fingers, firmly but gently grip the sides of the lenses.
  3. To widen the IPD, pull the lenses apart gently. To narrow the IPD, push the lenses together. Ensure you move both lenses simultaneously to maintain symmetry.
  4. Put on the headset and check if the new IPD setting provides a comfortable viewing experience. Adjust further if necessary.

Once you’ve found the optimal IPD setting for your comfort and vision, you’re ready to use the Lynx R1 headset for your immersive experiences.

How to navigate the Lynx R1?

In this article you will learn how to navigate the Lynx R1. The headset uses hand tracking for the navigation as well as the buttons on the headset.

Buttons and sensors of the Lynx R1

Power Button:

The power button serves as the primary control for turning your headset on and off. A simple press of this button activates or deactivates the Lynx R1.

Volume Button:

Adjusting the volume is facilitated by the volume button. You can control the sound output to your preference by pressing the volume + and button. Increase or decrease the volume with simple button presses, allowing for a personalized audio experience.

3.5mm Jack Port:

The 3.5mm jack port offers a connection point for your headphones. By plugging your headphones into this port, you can enjoy audio output directly from your headset. Whether you prefer the immersive experience of over-ear headphones or the portability of in-ear buds, the 3.5mm jack port accommodates various headphone types.

MicroSD Slot:

The MicroSD slot offers a solution to increase the storage capacity of your headset, offering extra storage space. Inserting a MicroSD card into the designated slot to expand the storage capabilities of your device.

Selecting a button or icon:

The Lynx R1 uses hand tracking for navigation. To select a button or icon point with your finger and hold on the desired field.

How to change the language of the Lynx R1?

Follow the steps below to change switch the language of your Lynx R1 headset:

  1. Navigate to the Lynx menu. To access the menu press the long button located on the top of the headset on the right side and quite the current application.
  2. Click on “Settings above the dock on the right side.
  3. Now select “Languages”.
  4. Once the language settings are opened, you will see the available language options, which typically include“French” and “English”.
  5. Select the desired language from the list.

The language is now adjusted on the Lynx R1.

By following these steps, you can easily switch between English and French on your Lynx R1 headset.

How to connect the Lynx R1 to Wi-Fi

  1. Navigate to the Lynx menu. To access the menu press the long button located on the top of the headset on the right side and quite the current application.
  2. Click on “Settings above the dock on the right side.
  3. Now select “Wi-Fi” at the top.
  4. In the Wi-Fi settings you will be able to turn the Wi-Fi connection on by clicking the toggle on the top right.
  5. A list of available Wi-Fi connections will be listed.
  6. Select the “Wi-Fi connection” you want to connect to.
  7. Click on the “Password” field.
  8. Select “Confirm”.

You successfully connected the Lynx R1 to Wi-Fi.

How to install an application on the Lynx R1

The Lynx R1 unfortunately does not have a native App store. There is the possibility to install APKs on the headset. To install applications you need to use the Demo Manager. The Demo Manager is a tool to manage the Lynx R1 from your computer.

  1. On your computer open the Demo Manager. 
  2. Connect the Lynx R1 to the Demo Manager. View this guide on how to connect the Demo Manager to the Lynx R1.
  3. On the Demo Manager click on the “Applications” tab. 
  4. Now click on the field next to “Applications” to open the drop down menu.
  5. Select the application you want to install.
  6. Click on “Install an APK
  7. Select the apk you want to install and click on “open”.
  8. The installation process will start.
  9. On your headset, click on “Apps” above the dock on the left side. There you will find the new installed application.

You know now how to install an application on the Lynx R1.

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