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Getting Started Guide HTC Vive Focus 3

In the box

  • HTC Vive Focus 3 headset
  • 2x Controllers
  • Vive Focus 3 battery
  • Controller splitter cable
  • USB 3.0 type C cable
  • HTC AC Adapter
  • Cleaning cloth

Important: Do not allow the lenses to come in contact with direct sunlight. This will permanently damage the screen and does not fall under warranty.

Getting started with the HTC Vive Focus 3

Make sure the device and controllers are charged. The LEDs should turn white when the power button is pressed for 1 second. Press the Power Button for approximately 3 seconds and put on the headset. The device can be set up with two methods.

  1. Using the VIVE manager app, which can be downloaded on your phone for both Android and iOS.
  2. Using the VIVE headset button. This guide will use the headset button.

After holding the headset button for several seconds, the instructions of the headset will start automatically.

  1. Select language, set volume and adjust the IPD (interpupillary distance).
  2. Link the controllers. The right controller is linked by pressing the Vive button and the B button simultaneously. The left controller is linked by pressing the Menu button and the Y button simultaneously.
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. Set the headset boundaries. Roomscale designates an area that the user can safely move in. Stationary creates a constant circle around the headset which keeps it centered, and is NOT intended for movement.
  5. Walk through the controller instructions.
  6. Pull up the quick menu by pressing the Vive button on your controller and select Home. You should now be in the main menu.

You’ve followed all the steps and you can now use the HTC Vive Focus 3. – Enjoy the ride!

How to connect to the Wi-Fi

  1. Click on Settings in the task bar.
  2. Click on Network, then Wi-Fi.
  3. Choose the Wi-Fi you want to connect with and select it.
  4. Enter the password of the selected Wi-Fi and click Connect.

How to install applications

Accessing the Business AppStore requires an HTC account.

  1. Go to and click the Make new account button.
  2. Make an account with an email address or phone number, or use your Google or Steam account.
  3. A verification code will be sent to your account. Enter it in the given window to activate your account.

Installing from store

  1. While the App store catalogue is visible on the headset, apps have to be purchased and downloaded from the App store website. Go to
  2. Login in to your HTC account.
  3. On the website, find the app you want and then either acquire or purchase the app. For paid apps, you can select the number of headsets you want to purchase for.
  4. For individual users the app will appear in their headset library under the ‘not installed’ section for download and installation. Owners of organisations can use the VIVE Business Device Manager System to manage and allocate content to their team.
  5. You’ll see the application(s) you’ve installed on your device in your library under ‘installed’ in the drop-down menu. Launch and use.

How to install your own APK locally

  1. Connect the headset to your PC using the USB-C 3.0 cable.
  2. There should be a pop-up in the headset to select the USB mode. Select transfer file mode.
  3. On your PC, copy the desired APK to ‘This PC’ > ‘VIVE Focus 3’ > ‘Internal storage’.
  4. Put on your headset and go to Library
  5. You should see a Drop-down menu in the top right. Go to ‘not installed’ and then select the APK to install it.
  6. If required, change the settings to allow the installation of unknown sources. Then go back and install the APK.
  7. You should be able to run the application under ‘Installed’ in the drop down menu.

How to activate your Business Warranty Service?

Your VIVE Focus 3 comes with 2 years of Business Warranty Services, but it needs to be activated within 90 days of purchase otherwise the headset will have no business warranty.

  • Activating your Business Warranty Service requires setting up a Device Management System to register the headset.
  • Good to know: The first account to register or upgrade to an organization account will be considered the owner of that Device Management System, and no other invited accounts will have the same rights and powers. Only the owner of a system has the ability to make purchases.
  • Go to and register your account
  • After registration go to and log in with your HTC account.
  • Activate your Business Warranty Service by registering your device.

The VIVE Business Device Management System has a number of other uses for organisations using multiple devices. More information can be found here:

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